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Welcome to Crocodile Music. As you can see from the smile on my chubby face, I enjoy music and people. I guess this is why there is a Crocodile Music company.

We (my wife Ivy and I) are located in Dundee, NY smack dab in the middle of the Finger Lakes area. I play out at a lot and have some banjo and guitar students, and now a small store. I promise to offer you the best service and prices available anywhere (even the internet). If you call you will be speaking to me, Ivy or my good friend Alan Giles with whom we share store space. Alan is a guitar player and we cover each others space so we can each have some time to enjoy our retirement???

My goal is to offer you the very best experience in the choice, purchase and maintenance of your treasured instruments. I have put a lot of thought, time, energy and resources into choosing what I feel are the very best products in a variety of ranges. I have chosen to specialize in DEERING and GOLDTONE banjos, Phoenix, Goldtone and Morgan Monroe Mandolins, and Morgan Monroe Guitars since I believe they are the best value for your hard earned dollars.

I have been playing guitar since 1962, and banjo for about 6 years, so my perspective of instruments is from the player's point of view. Instruments are not just warehoused and shipped. I play each instrument to make sure everything is OK before it is sold in the store or shipped to you, regardless of the price. I work closely with luthier Tom Close and technician Ben Burgell to ensure ongoing quality of all products that I sell. Since I am a Musicorp and KMC dealer (Fender Subsidiary) I offer a full lineup of musical accessories, instruments and electronic gear. I look forward to serving any or all of your musical needs, I am just as happy to sell you my favorite pick, or a $3,600 Phoenix Mandolin. Best of the day and life to you! - Mike

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